Equipment for magnetic measurements and scientific research

AMT&C LLC, Moscow, for many years is engaged in design and manufacture of the measuring equipment intended for research of magnetic properties of materials. In the field of the magnetocaloric effect (MCE) research these products  are continuation of own scientific interests of the AMT&C company employees (see publications), being recognized experts in this area of physics.

Manufacture of the scientific equipment is based on the following basic technologies supported with patents and numerous know-how:
- a wide experience in designing and manufacture of complicated magnetic systems, including the adjustable magnetic field generators, controlled with a computer,
- use of the most advanced products and ideas in the field of measuring technics,
- management of the magnetic field source and data acquisition system by means of the specialized software that allows to create the setups working in an automatic mode; as a rule,  the LabView based software is used.

Since 2009 AMT&C LLC produces the measuring equipment under registered trade mark "MagEq"
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