A special development for the pull of magnetic materials

Sellers, planners, teachers, managers of restaurants, banks, finance companies, etc. are often faced with the need to change the information. All who need to submit their information, advertising, signs, advertisements, maps, etc., appreciate the ease with which you can achieve with the help of material FERROSHEET ™ Attach FERROSHEET ™ to any flat surface (walls, doors, cabinets, etc.). Now flexible magnetic cards will be firmly on the sheet FERROSHEET ™, not only for refrigeration and processing units of computers.

Brief characteristics of the material FERROSHEET ™: - attracts magnetic materials
- flexible
- standard thickness - 0.64 mm, width - up to 61.5 cm
- comes in rolls, sheets and any other forms in order
- laminate can be vinyl, which, in particular, felt-tip pen to write
- standard and custom self-adhesive coating
- the possibility of screen printing
- ease of handling: FERROSHEET ™ is easy to cut by ordinary scissors

The material can be used at registration: - weather displays
- shedules, menus, advertising symbols, games
- shops, offices, educational institutions, restaurants, cafes

FERROSHET ™ easily adapted to the orders of your customers. They could have easily change the size and shape FERROSHEET ™ .

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