Polymeric magnetic sheet - general information

The Polymeric magnetic sheet is rubber like elastic material with magnetic properties of dark brown color, which is immaculately kept on any metal surfaces.
It's easy to use and handling and easily cutting by scissors.
Application of a magnetic sheet does not require new technologies. At manufacturing of printing products on the basis of the magnetic sheet is used as a basis on which finished printing is put. So stamp is applied (offset, silk-screen printing, digital printing, embossing on the large-format printers) for the material with which you are accustomed to work (paper, film), then the material is put on the magnetic sheet and the resulting "sandwich" graving goods of any shape or cutting the rectangular product form.

The material is delivered in rolls in width of 622 mm, length 30,5 m. the Thickness of sheet 0,25 of mm; 0,4 mm; 0,5 mm; 0,76 mm; 1,5 mm and more.

Types of coverage of polymeric magnetic sheet:
- without coverage
- with a glue layer (for comfort of putting material without a glue layer)
- with vinyl coverage (covered by vinyl tape which a seal is inflicted on)

At the use of magnetic forces of polymeric sheet there is a necessity of presence of surface which he can be fastened on. The same rubber-like material can become such surface (except for metallic) FerrosheetÖ with properties of metal. For example at making of magnetic chess FerrosheetÖ used as the playing field (the printed net of chess-board is put on him).

All material is certificated, intoxicate and harmless for a health

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