Flexible magnetic sheets, with an additional safety coating on the back side

A characteristic feature of this material is the availability of special safety cover on the back surface of the sheets. Safety coating protects the surface from the back injury, and this is particularly important in applications such as information, advertising and other signs on moving vehicles. Pressure coating solves the problem of «clumping» magnetic sheets with one another when printed. Sheets SafeMag ™ don’t lose their magnetism over time. The material comes in rolls of any length in width from 1.3 cm to 61.5 cm 12 colors and four types of coatings. SafeMag ™ is easy to cut even by ordinary scissors. Material SafeMag ™ with a white glossy vinyl coating is available from stock in Moscow. The materials of other colors and types of coatings are available to order. Delivery time is about 50 days.

Material SafeMag ™ can be used for making the following products:
- flexible magnetic business cards
- flexible magnet advertising symbols, magnetic gifts
- flexible magnetic information post, information announcements
- magnetic stickers, calendars on the basis of magnet
- flexible developing games-constructions, puzzles, drafts
- flexible magnetic alphabet in the help for studying foreign languages

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