Flexible polymeric magnetic sheets (magnetic vinyl)

UltraMag™ made from thin plastic magnetic material, possessing permanent magnetization. This property allows UltraMag™ firmly to repose on any metallic surfaces (including the corps of processor blocks, refrigerators and moving cars) in any weather terms (range of temperatures from – 40C to +70C). Coverage UltraMag™ can be laminated by different tapes, including adhesive.

Width – 0.622 m, standard length – 30 m, a thickness - from 0.4 mm. Materials UltraMag ™ with white vinyl matte and glossy coverings, with paper adhesive a covering and also without a covering are accessible from stock in Moscow. Materials of other colors and types of coverings are delivered under the individual order. Delivery time is from 2 to 4 weeks.

A wide range of business applications, the material UltraMag ™ includes such solutions as:
- making of flexible magnetic business cards and discount cards
- making of flexible magnetic advertising symbols, magnetic gifts
- making of flexible magnetic information announcements, magnetic stickers

New technologies entering into our life more safely and promoting the following application of a magnetic material UltraMag ™ :
- magnetic developing games - constructions
- magnetic alphabet in the help for studying Russian and foreign languages
- visual teaching aids on the basis of magnets

Buying UltraMag™ you move towards to technological innovations, advancing the competitors.

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