Permanent magnet-based magnetic field systems

AMT&C LLC, Moscow, offers a full range of services in calculations, design and manufacturing of permanent magnet based magnetic field systems and electromagnets with required magnetic field configuration.
The many years experience in complicated magnetic systems elaboration and most effective modern magnetic materials application permit us to reach high parameters:

  • to produce, with permanent magnet systems, the magnetic flux density up to 3 Tesla and more
  • to reach high homogeneity - up to 10-5
  • to create magnetic systems with complicated field pattern
  • to produce adjustable magnetic field generators on the basis of permanent magnets. The magnetic field changing rate in such systems can reach 10 Tesla per second
We manufacture a wide range of magnetic field sources, as well as you are welcome to order any customized source of magnetic field or other magnetic assemblies.

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Dmitry Kopeliovich, Ph.D.
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