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"Advanced Magnetic Technologies & Consulting" Group includes active scientists and engineers, specialists in magnetic phenomenal physics, who are employees of universities and research institutes and parallel acting as experts on research questions in the field of applied magnetism. Each of our consultants has the publications in authoritative scientific journals, on which it is possible to judge about their scientific potential and achievements.

Areas od specialty include:
  • Magnetic nanosized systems (surfaces, nanoparticles and molecular clusters)
  • Advanced polymers and ceramics (especially containing metallic and magnetic nanoparticles)
  • Magnetic and optical memory materials
  • Magnetic refrigeration
  • Magnetic sensors (especially SQUID- and nanocontact-based)
  • Magnetic foam and its applications.
  • Ultrasensitive imaging by Scanning SQUID Microscope

We have access to the most topical and recent information and offer flexible consulting- and information-related services, including:
  • Technological and industrial consulting to private persons and organizations.
  • Preparation of technological reviews and reports on activities and achievements in different fields of magnetism.
  • Assistance in preparation of applications for grants, patents, licences etc.
  • Other types of patent, and licensing activities, including writing patent reviews.
  • Collection and distribution of technological information.

Our non-profit activity has the following aims: collaboration with Foundations and Associations, dissemination of information about AMT&C and its activities, providing equal opportunities to all Russian scientists to pursue their research interests. In particular, it includes:
  • Dissemination of information about recent developments in the field of magnetism and magnetic materials.
  • Distribution of information packages and other scientific literature.
  • Assistance in preparing proposals and providing examples of successful proposals.

The deputy director on business development:
Dmitry Kopeliovich, Ph.D.
Tel./fax: +7(495) 777-72-26
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