Having appeared for the first time in the forties of the last century, permanent magnets on the basis of Al-Ni-Co-Fe alloy, often named Alnico and now the confidently occupy the niche in the market of magnetic materials. It is connected by that fact that possessing a number of valuable properties such as great value of Br, corrosion stability and stability at high temperatures (to 550°) these magnets are much cheaper than magnets SmCo. This circumstance makes magnets from Alnico al good choice for magnetic systems where these qualities are essential and there are no big air backlashes and strong degaussing fields.

Polymagnet LLC offers high-quality cast and sintered permanent magnets from Alnico. The range of accessible forms, the sizes and also magnetic characteristics are not limited by a standard set. In case when any of offered standard materials cannot satisfy the customer, manufacturing of a special material with the magnetic characteristics meeting individual requirements of the customer is possible.

Alnico has following basic advantages:
- corrosion stability
- stability at high temperatures (to 550°)
- low price in comparison with others hard nagnetic materials
- great value of Br (residual magnetic induction)

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