Energy-efficient synchronous electric motors based on rare earth magnets (PM motors and generators)

We have developed a new stator design, which allows achieving record-high values ​​of efficiency (up to 98.5% depending on power) and high specific energy characteristics (up to 8-10 kW / kg depending on rpm) without using expensive materials and, in particular, high-silicon 10JNEX900 type steels. The technology has been tested on the experimental prototypes of 27 and 450kW electric machines. The use of a new stator design (an application for a patent of the Russian Federation and PCT is filed ) provides the following advantages:

1. A significant reduction in cost (material consumption) and simplification of the assembly of stators without the use of large equipment;
2. The possibility of better use of anisotropic, including transformer, steel with a significantly lower losses during re-magnetization;
3. Significantly simplified operations on winding wires with high density and regular winding (to reduce joule losses).

As a result, the mass of active elements can be reduced to 1.6 times or more, which will further reduce losses and achieve a cumulative effect. For example, the use of a new stator design in the design of electric machines 27kW and 6000 rpm made it possible to reduce the axial length of the electric machine from 100 to 60 mm, without using expensive steels and to increase the efficiency.
Numerical simulation and experiments carried out allow us to conclude that this development is promising for the mass production of stators of synchronous electric machines on permanent magnets. We are suggesting joint worldwide patenting of this technology

New motor-wheel (M-W) for EV with dampening system.
Our designers found a novel and simple solution to the problem of dampening of M-W , which allows to significantly reduce number of parts and cost of the M-W and start its mass production. Patented technology provides:
- vibration damping and stabilization of the linear speed of the wheel with vertical shocks;
- improving throughput, mobility and maneuverability;
- significantly reduces the vibration load on the special products for various purposes;
- to spin 360 degrees on the spot and thus has improved visibility;
- full synchronization of up to 9 thousand vehicles and robots on rough terrain;
- to park in difficult conditions and adapt to any road surface;
- significantly simplify the design of the M-W damping system and, thereby, give impetus to its mass implementation.

R19 prototype is available for demonstration.
US patent: link
RU patent: link
Chinese patent: filled with Tsingua University
PCT: WO 2018/038629 A1

We would like to suggest joint future development and implementation of both technologies!
Additional detailed information can be provided after NDA signing.
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Advantages of AMT&C Group:
1. Good knowledge of modern technical literature and physics of process in PM motors.
2. Detailed numerical simulation of up to 60-80 variants using modern ANSYS packages, etc.
3. The use of novel magnetic materials and technologies for the manufacture of active parts.
4. Achieving an extremely high specific power level using new patented stator technology.