Magnetic Grates

Grate Magnets

AMT&C offers a wide range of magnetic separation equipment for the removal of iron contamination from dry free-flowing products, as well as from liquid and slurry lines.

Magnetic Grates are used directly in the material stream to remove large and fine ferrous contaminants from fry free-flowing products, such as sand, coal, grains, foodstuffs, plastics and chemicals.

  • Rare Earth magnetic material
  • From 0.3 to 0.95 Tesla field strength on the rod surface
  • Standard tube diameter – 22/40 mm
  • Available as single, double and triple row grates
  • Available in different designs - round, square, rectangular, intricate shaped grates
  • Standard wipe cleaning. Optional: mechanical cleaning.

Designed for dry free flowing product applications, Magnetic Drawers (drawer magnets) are installed into existing square, rectangular or round gravity flow systems (chutes, ducts, pipelines).

  • Stainless steel custom housing
  • Flanged to suit the customer’s connection requirements
  • Single or double row grate drawer options
  • Optional cleaning: mechanical (recommended) or wipe

Magnetic Liquid Filters are used in liquid and slurry applications for removing fine ferrous and paramagnetic contaminant.

  • Stainless steel housing
  • Easily removed high-strength magnetic rods assembly
  • Flanged or quick-detachable connection
  • Optional:
  • grids for extra cleaning of non-ferrous impurities
  • water jacket for product heating
  • Optional cleaning: mechanical (recommended) or wipe

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