Adhesive polymer composition possessing magnetic properties

FIELD: production of various adhesive compositions (glues, compounds. sealants) possessing magnetic properties; mounting of various magnetic systems, electromagnetic actuators; application of coats absorbing electromagnetic radiation.

SUBSTANCE: proposed composition contains binder-thermosetting or thermoplastic adhesive on base of epoxy resin, phenol formaldehyde resin, vinyl perchloride resin, silicon organic resin, acryl nitrile-butadiene rubber and acryl resin, as well as particles of magnetic material, 1 to 1000 nm in size which are stabilized by surfactant and commercial carbon at size of particles 0.2-0.3 mcm. If necessary, composition may contain pigment and plasticizing agent. Composition possess stability at storage, good adhesive properties to various surfaces (metal, glass, ceramics, concrete, plastics) and improved magnetic characteristics. Magnetic material made on its base ensures electromagnetic field absorption coefficient no less than 30 dB with range of frequencies from 100 kHz to 2 HHz.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency.

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