Halbach-type variable magnetic field generator

Patent №: 2466491
Date of issue: 2012-11-10
Authors: Kopeliovich DB, Melnikov JuP

FIELD: magnetic field generators, specifically adjustable Halbach-type magnetic field generators. SUBSTANCE: the magnetic system of proposed field source consist of permanent magnets assembled according to the dipole Halbach structure principle, that provides high magnetic flux density (2 T and more) and homogeneity of the magnetic field inside the working bore. The magnetic system consist of two subsystems, each of them being also Halbach structure. Magnetic system elements can be set in motion by means of the motor or several motors, and as a result the magnetic flux density inside the working bore is changed continuously. The magnetic field generator equipped with a control unit and, optionally, with a magnetic field sensor feedback can provide any predesigned magnetic field changing profile, the field changing rate running up to 10 T/s and more.

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