Magnetic carrier and medical preparation for controllable delivery and release of active substances, a method of production and method of treatment using thereof

Авторы: Tishin A.M., Rochev J.A., Gorelov A.V.
Патент №: WO 2008/044963
Дата выдачи патента: 17.04.2008

The present invention relates to magnetic carriers and medical preparations for controllable delivery and release of active substances. The carrier for active substances comprises material A, which is magnetically or electrically sensible, and material В capable of controlling the retention/release rate of the said active substance from the said carrier, the said retention/release rate being temperature dependent; wherein the material В is in thermal contact with material A, and wherein the material A has magnetocaloric or electrocaloric effect sufficient to substantially vary the said retention/release rate of the active substance from the carrier. The invention further provides methods for controllable delivery and release of active substances in a predetermined place and at a predetermined time, and methods of treatment using these carriers. Methods of production of magnetic carriers are also proposed.

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