One of AMT&C Group activity directions is delivery of high-energy sintered constant magnets neodymium-iron-boron NdFeB. We accept orders for manufacturing of magnets with practically any technologically accessible characteristics (thickness from 1 mm, power product to 380 kilo joule/m3 and working temperature to 200°).The form of magnetic materials, a direction of magnetisation and covering type are defined by the customer. Magnets from alloys of NdFeB type delivered by us are licensed and strictly correspond to quality standard ISO9002. At the same time our price is much lower than the price of similar production in Russian market.

Sintered constant magnet on the basis of alloys of NdFeB type possess following advantages from the point of view of miniaturization of magnetic and electro technical devices. Here are some advantages of NdFeB:
- higher magnetic parameters in comparison with cast and ferrite magnet - NdFeB is 8-10 time more powerful than ferrite
- possibility of creation of strong magnetic fields at small dimensions
- possesses one of the best relations of power product to the price
- recommended for application in a wide spectrum of electro technical devices, including electric motors of the big capacity

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