Cheap and the most subtle of the normal production flexible polymer magnetic material

ThinMag ™is the most delicate strong magnetized sheet, produced by Group Arnold. Smooth surface of laminated sheet ThinMag ™ allows you to print them as easily as on plain paper. You and your customers will be pleasantly surprised with clarity and purity of printing on sheets ThinMag ™. Sheets ThinMag ™ don't lose their magnetism over time. The material comes in rolls of any length in width from 1.3 cm to 61.5 cm, thickness of the magnetic layer of 0.25 mm. There are 12 colors and four types of coatings. ThinMag ™ is easy to cut even by ordinary scissors . Materials ThinMag ™ with a white vinyl matt and glossy coatings, paper adhesive coating and without coating are available from stock in Moscow. The materials of other colors and types of coatings are available to order. Delivery of two to four weeks. Buying a thin material ThinMag ™, you save money and get a quality product from AMT&C Ltd.

Material ThinMag ™ can be used for making the following products: - flexible magnetic business cards, calendars, based on magnetic
- flexible magnet advertising symbols, magnetic gifts
- flexible informational announcements, magnetic stickers, magnetic stickers
- flexible developing games - designers
- flexible magnetic alphabet in the help children and adults who are learning Russian and foreign languages

Applying magnetic materials of brand ThinMag™ you always will be abreast with time, taking information to your clients high-quality and modernly.

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