Automobile sweeper

Automobile magnetic pickup attachment is powerful magnetic plate in width 2 - 2.5 m, supplied by the convenient folding pallet for gathering steel dust and system of fastening for a suspension bracket of a pickup attachment on automobile. We are ready to adapt system of a suspension bracket operatively for installation on any vehicles. Sliding above a road covering at the set height (50-100 mm) for the speed 5 - 15 km/hours, the magnetic cleaner collects all the ferrous subjects which have appeared in the area of action of magnets. Automobile magnetic pickup attachment allow to clear quickly significant territory of iron dust and are applied to cleaning and increase of safety operation of vehicle in garages, motor-vehicle pools, on parking lots, building sites, factory aisles, on moorings and runways. In the domestic market the similar equipment practically is not presented and has no analogues. Two variants of this device are shown in pictures.


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