Electric machines with high efficiency and reduced mass-dimensional characteristics

Design Development

Development and production of PM motors for various purposes with extremely high specific energy characteristics (with a peak value of specific moment up to 60-65 Nm / kg) and in fact the maximum achievable efficiency of the electric motor is 97-98,5%.

Used technologies

A full cycle of computer simulation of the motors using raw of latest software systems. Use of proprietary technologies patented in the Russian Federation and the USA and modern materials for rotor and stator packages (not Fe-Co alloys).

Achieved performance

  • High efficiency (up to 98.5% in nominal mode).
  • Maximum specific power - up to 5 kW / kg or more (depending on speed).
  • Reduced the mass and dimensions of the active parts up to 3 or more times and as a consequence, reducing the mass of the hull.
  • Reduced life cycle costs up to 200%
  • Ability to embed the PM motor in the existing constructive.

Potential cooperation opportunities

Development and production of energy efficient PM electric machines, electric drives, magnetic couplings, magnetic gearboxes, magnetic bearings, working in a confined space for the needs of shipbuilding, aviation, space technology, automotive industry, scientific research.

Demonstration of projects

Motor 29kW wheel.

120kW motor reducer.


Traction motor generator on
permanent magnets 400 kW, 130 rpm.

Synchronous micromotor
for drive of cryogenic system 25W, 4000rpm

Development Examples

1. Developments in the field of PM energy-efficient electric motors were awarded a Rostechĺs diploma by the results of the 1st open competition of civil innovation projects of the Russian defense-industrial complex organizations in the nomination ôThe best development (R&D) of an innovative world-class productö.

2. The successful experience of AmpereMagnete LTD in participation of developing and industrial production of large magnetic systems of powerful PM electric motors for marine purposes.

3. A working prototype of the sprung motor-wheel R19 was created (patents of the Russian Federation, USA, etc.).

4. PM drive for the cryogenic system has been designed for the NGO Orion (Shvabe).

5. A prototype of a 400kW PM motor-generator was developed under a contract with ôEnergozapasö LLC (Novosibirsk).

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