Magnetic refrigeration

AMTC Ltd. conducts applied researches and developments and advises in the field of physics of magnetic materials. One of the main research directions is searching and creation of the new magnetic materials suitable for application as working bodies of magnetic refrigerators, which basic principle of operation is using of the magnetocaloric effect.

In this direction AMT&C keeps close scientific contacts with universities, research centers and industrial companies in Europe, USA and China. AMT&C holds one of the biggest literature bases on magnetocaloric effect and its applications and the company research officers are the authors of more than 70 scientific publications in reviewed journals and of 5 Russian patents on this theme. AMT&C researchers published a set of fundamental reviews on magnetocaloric effect, including The Magnetocaloric Effect and Its Applications. Iop Publishing Ltd., Bristol and Philadelphia, 2003. AMT&C also develops scientific equipment for automatic measurement of the magnetocaloric properties and testing of magnetocaloric materials.

The First Deputy Director:
Yuri Spichkin, Ph.D.
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