Soft magnetic powder cores

Arnold Magnetic Technologies Corporation (USA) lets out three kinds of soft magnetic powder cores - MPP, HI-FLUX ™ and SMSS ™ which are widely used in electronic industry including power supplies for computers and telecommunication equipment.

I) is made of 81% Ni, 2% Mo and 17% Fe. Cores from PP are extremely stable in relation to change of density of a stream, temperature and direct current. Possess very small losses on vortical currents and the lowest magnetostriction among all powder materials.

It is the best material for filters of sound frequency, oscillatory contours and throttles in power supplies, inductance coils in resonant contours with the fixed adjustment, high-Q filters, RFI filters, current transformers in a range from 10 kHz to 1 MHz (especially when it is necessary to maintain big direct currents).

Cores from PP with low permeability can be used on frequencies from above 500 kHz. The most popular range of permeability is from 60 to 173 where all advantages of products from MPP are most obvious.

Cores are issued with permeability 14, 26, 60, 125, 147, 160, 173, 205, 250, 300, 350, external diameter from 3,56 mm (0,140 ") to 132,5 mm (5,218").

II) HI-FLUX ™ (HF) consists of 50% Ni and 50% Fe. The high density of a stream of saturation (to 15000 gauss) HF cores makes them ideal for manufacture of powerful power supplies, inductance coils of pulse stabilizers, filters of linear noise, filters of switched power supplies, filters of hindrances of alternating current through passage, network filters, EMI/RTF filters, throttle filters of batteries of high-power, converters of a low voltage. Also these cores are good for pulse transformers and transformers of lower case development.

While using in chains with big direct current, HF cores along with decrease in sizes, also provide the decrease in total cost.

Cores are issued with permeability 14, 26, 60, 125, 147 and 160, external diameter from 3,56 mm (0,140 ") to 132,5 mm (5,218").

III) SMSS ™ - a material on the basis of Fe-Si-Al alloy. Cores are an excellent choice for energy-storage and filtering inductances in switched power supplies, low-frequency AC outlets of sound amplifiers and UPS, inductance coils of powerful resonant contours and throttles EMI of filters.

SMSS ™ can replace for switched power supplies where losses are not so are critical. Characteristics of magnetic biasing by direct current are excellent in comparison with powder iron of similar permeability and the sizes.

Because of low magnetostriction SMSS makes very low levels of mechanical noise at excitation that makes it widespread in EMI throttles in which AC is filtered.

Cores are issued with permeability 26, 60, 75, 90 and 125, external diameter from 3,56 mm (0,140 ") to 132,5 mm (5,218").

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